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You’ll Feel the Love

When we welcome you into the Tano Hospitality Group family your job becomes something special. Our mantra is to cultivate meaningful relationships through our work. It’s the “why” behind what we do. It’s an energy and love you feel when you walk in the door – a special connection and a sense that good things are happening and on the horizon.

If you’re looking for a job that’s more than a job– whether it’s a part-time server or a long-term career opportunity, Tano offers something more.

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Our Purpose

Cultivate meaningful relationships by delivering extraordinary hospitality and exceptional food because everyone matters.

Our Core Values

Everyone Matters: Take time to be present for and listen to everyone

Deliver Extraordinary Care:

Go beyond the expected by giving the warmest welcome and personalized attention that create meaningful connections and joy well beyond the plate

Commit to Craft Mastery:

With passion and intentionality, we source the very best ingredients. We strive to create and encourage an environment of constant learning and refining our craft.

Work in Rhythm

Collectively work together, value each person’s role, and develop cadence in everything we do to consistently serve with significance

Honor Unique Ingredients

Appreciate our individual strengths and how they inspire creativity and new ways of thinking to improve our community and industry as a whole

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